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MMA Statistics API Documentation

General Information
  • All responses are in JSON format
  • An API token is required to access the data
  • Authorization type is Bearer Token
  • SERIES_ID_ARRAY must be passed in the URL
  • Date format is yyyy-mm-dd

{ "data": [ { "id": 1122, "name": "Total excluding fish", "sector": "Real Sector", "path": [ "Real Sector", "Prices", "Male'", "CPI" ], "unit": "Index", "frequency": "Monthly", "description": "", "is_flow": false, "is_stock": false, "is_latest_missing": false, "freq_convertible": true, "conversion_method": "avg", "is_int": false, "source": [ "Maldives Bureau of Statistics" ], "composition": [], "data": [ { "date": "1985-01-31", "amount": 23.4506707944345 }, // more data points ] } // more series ], "meta": { "total": 1, "current_page": 1, "last_page": 1, "per_page": 10 }, "links": { "first": "", "prev": null, "next": null, "last": "" } }
Field Type Description
id Integer Series id
name String The name of the data series
sector String The sector that the data series belongs
path Array The hierachy of the data series
unit String The unit of data series (Rufiyaa / US dollar, etc.. )
last_updated_at String Returns the last update date and time for specific series
frequency String The frequency in which the data is reported (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual)
base_weight float The weight allocated to the series, if applicable
definition String Brief description of data series
is_flow Boolean Represents changes in economic values within a period
is_stock Boolean Represents economic value at a given point in time
freq_convertible Boolean Whether the data can be converted different different frequencies
is_latest_missing Boolean Return false if data up to date or latest. Returns true if a series in discontinued.
conversion_method String If freq_convertible is true, this field will give the method of conversion (sum, avg, ep)
is_int Boolean This represents whether the value of the amount column in data array should be shows as integer or not.
source Array Where data originates
composition Array Composition of child series
data Array Series data array.
Last updated on March 28, 2023
  • Python
  • R

import requests
import json
import pandas as pd

series_id = SERIES_ID_ARRAY

def bearer_oauth(r):
    Method required by bearer token authentication.
    r.headers["Authorization"] = f"Bearer {token}"
    return r

url = f"{series_id}"
response = requests.request("GET",url,auth=bearer_oauth,verify=False)
json_data = json.loads(response.content.decode("ascii"))



bearer_token <- BEARER_TOKEN
series_id <- SERIES_ID_ARRAY
headers <- c(`Authorization` = sprintf('Bearer %s', bearer_token))
url <- sprintf('',series_id)
response <- httr::GET(url = url, httr::add_headers(.headers = headers))
obj <- httr::content(response, as = "text")
document <- fromJSON(txt=obj)